GWR 4-6-0's - MikeMorant
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GWR Churchward Star class 4-6-0 No. 4017 Knight of Liege passes milepost 11¼ which is probably close to Hayes in this undated view although at some point a viewer will no doubt tell me exactly where and perhaps even an indication of the date when this shot was taken. 4017 was built in 1908 and was withdrawn in 1949. From John Lewis: "GWR 4017 appears to be in post-1909 (superheated) condition but no top feed etc. whilst the coaches appear to all be in brown or crimson livery, so my guess is that it was taken c.1911-1912." And further from Vic Smith: "Westbound train passing under Bournes Bridge, Hayes. Bournes Bridge Cottages seen under construction, first appeared on the 1914 OS maps, confirming John Lewis’s stated dates."