GWR 4-coupled tender engines - MikeMorant
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The GWR purchased three De Glehn 4-cylinder compound atlantics for comparative trials with his own designs. This is No. 103 President of the Orleans type and with its original French boiler. The accompanying 'documentation' states that this shot was taken at Paddington in 1906 but take both those alleged facts with a pinch of salt. Keith Ettle has kindly taken the trouble to write to me and state, as I thought, that this is definitely NOT Paddington and is probably Wolverhampton Low Level. As to the supplied date? That's anybody's guess. Another viewer (I COULDN'T RESPOND TO THIS GENTLEMAN BECAUSE HIS SUPPLIED E-MAIL ADDRESS IS RETURNED AS "NOT NKOWN") has sent me the following: "According to the RCTS Part 8, modern passenger classes, the nameplates wren't fitted until 1907. That looks to me like a GW standard chimney: if so by RCTS that would be between Jan 1912 and Jan 1914, otherwise it would be 1907-Feb 1910." And yet nother viewer (this time a French one) says the following: "The boiler IS the French one. The dome, the HP tubes and the safety valves are as built in France for the GWR. The engine was built in Belfort with lower dome, special cab and short English-style chemney in order to fit to GWR clearances."

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