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SKGLB   - Salzkammergut Lokalbahn -    railcar no. TCa 672, known locally as known as the Mondsee Cow, is depicted here at Mondsee on 24/8/56.
The SKGLB had reused their 4-axle saloon car S 51, built for special purposes for the emperor´s court (which had been obsolete since the end of 1918). In 1927/28 it was rebuilt as TCa 51, diesel-electric, GEBUS-system but in 1929 the motor was changed to petrol. In 1931 it was renumbered TCa 672 as shown here. This car ran mainly on the short branchline between St.Lorenz and Mondsee. After closure, the car changed to StmLB (Steiermärkische Landesbahnen) Murtalbahn and was rebuilt to normal, non motorised standards. Still there, it runs today as a buffet car and is part of the Murtalbahn´s nostalgic train.
The SKGLB was a 760mm gauge system, opened in 1890, that connected Salzburg with Bad Ischl. It was closed in its entirety in October 1957. Sadly, the dedicated museum at Mondsee closed in 2018.
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