South Africa industrials - MikeMorant
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South African industrial steam railways
In industrial service at Albion Collieries (near Witbank) in 1974 is ex-South African Railways 4-8-0 No. 1050 depicted here as AC no. 2. Developed from the classic Cape Government Railways 7th class goods locomotives, this one had been built by Neilson Reid (Glasgow) under works number 5833/1900 to the order of the Imperial Military Railways, who were administering the railway systems of the Transvaal and Orange Free State during the Boer War. Initially allocated IMR No. 126, it was renumbered 396 upon the establishment of the Central South African Railways (1902) and later passed into SAR ownership following the Union of 1910, when it received the classification 7B.
[A.E. "Dusty" Durrant / Mike Morant collection]