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Ex-works condition GWR 517 class 0-4-2T no. 530 at what I think is Exeter, St. David's circa 1930. Suppporting notes as supplied by a viewer are shown below.
[Mike Morant collection]

According to RCTS 530 was built in 1868 as part of the first batch of 517's, numbered I think 1053, and would then have been a saddle tank with the tank covering only the boiler barrel, no cab, and 13ft 7in wheelbase. In 1878 there was a significant rebuild, resulting in side tanks and 15ft wheelbase, and there would also have been an open cab fitted around that time. There were various boilers over the years, culminating in a Belpaire firebox in 1921.
It was autofitted, and is recorded as having been painted lake/brown in the Churchward era.
It was withdrawn in May 1932, and was one of the minority that never received a second frame lengthening to 15'6.