PotW 2015 - MikeMorant
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Mike's Picture of the Week 2015/44

Vintage Irish railways - Great Northern Railway (Ireland)
An unusual view of Square Crossing, Dundalk which was situated to the south of the GNR station and catered for Dundalk Newry & Greenore trains running from its own Quay Street station to the GNR station where they terminated. Greenore is the direction to the right whilst the freight train hauled by QLG class 0-6-0 no. 111 is on the GNR main line heading south in the direction of Drogheda and Dublin.
I know we are dealing with Ireland here but I've been bemused by much conflicting information regarding no. 111. Of four books I've been using to research this image two mention "QLG" and two "LQG". Not very helpful to be honest. None of those books states who the builder was but all tell us that there were 11 built, 9 by NBL and 2 at Dundalk, but don't specifify which and where. I strongly suspect that this is one of the 2 built at Dundalk.
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