PotW 2015 - MikeMorant
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Mike's Picture of the Week 2015/32

Nederlandse Spoorwegen - NS150.
The A15 overbridge near Echteld became a favourite photo spot for me and on 25/6/89 this was the first time that I used it. This was taken during the frenetic first weekend of NS150 and features double-headed DB Baureihe class 2-8-2's 41 105 owned by the Stoom Stichting Nederland which was attached as the pilot engine at Venlo and DB Museum example 41 360 which had brought the six coach special from Cologne.
The locos have just passed under the A 15 overbridge. The train had a speed restriction over the Linge bridge and is seen here accelerating to linespeed (100 km/h) whilst about 5 km further on is a sharp climb.
[Slide taken by Mike Morant]