PotW 2014 - MikeMorant
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Mike's Picture of the Week 2014/37

The CEGB's generating station at Kearsley in Lancashire had as its motive power four steeple cab Bo-Bo electric locomotives running under a 550v DC overhead wire power supply. Depicted here on 28/6/69 is 'BEL 4' the last built of those locos which was constructed by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn in 1945 with works no. 7284 to a design dating back to 1928 and all with traction equipment supplied by BTH.
A viewer has kindly pointed out that Kearsley no. 4 was used until 1982 when the CEGB rebuilt it as a battery loco and moved it to Heysham Nuclear Power Station where it was named Heysham No.1. British Energy withdrew it in 2009 and it now forms part of the collection at the Electric Railway Museum in Coventry.
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