PotW 2014 - MikeMorant
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Mike's Picture of the Week 2014/34

Nederlandse Spoorwegen - this week 25 years ago
The weekend of August 19th and 20th 1989 saw two nearly identical outings for 3737 organised by the NVBS (Nederlandse Vereniging van Belangstellenden in het Spoor- en tramwegwezen). They both went from Utrecht to Apeldoorn where the VSM (Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatshappij) inserted additional motive power between 3737 and the train. From Dieren onwards 3737 was the sole motive power and here she is on the Sunday trip accelerating away from her water stop at Geldermalsen. The track on the right of the picture is the continuation of the Betuwelijn to Dordrecht which was yet to be electrified.
3737 is a 4 cylinder simple 4-6-0 designed by Beyer Peacock who built many of the early examples of this class but many more were built concurrently by Werkspoor in Amsterdam and 3737 was the first of these entering service in 1911 as Staatspoor no. 272. The trip depicted here would be 3737's penultimate mainline outing.
[Original slide taken by Mike Morant]